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DATE : 2014. 07 RUN TIME : 40" CHANNEL : MBC MAKING : After Effect, Photoshop, premiere This is Korean TV program package. It's kind of travel…


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the shadow of a person in front of a wall with paintings and pictures on it
an advertisement for the voice of art
The Voice of Art | D&AD Awards 2017 Pencil Winner | Impact
The Voice of Art | Award-winning Creativity for Good | D&AD #dandadimpact
an animated image of a man's white shirt with blue water in the background
an old man wearing a hat and looking at the camera
an advertisement for the new energy drink called lemon - client, which is designed to look like a can
Flávio Salzer
Flávio Salzer on Behance
an advertisement for a water bottle hanging from the ceiling
a woman's face is shown with many pictures
天与空2023年下半年获得55个奖项 Challenges, Opportunity, Infographic, Type Setting, Grid, Poster, Board, Boards
coca - cola print advertises it's time to eat together, with an image of people on cans
Coca-Cola Launches 'It's Time To Eat Together' Campaign
Coca-Cola Launches 'It's Time To Eat Together' Campaign | Dieline
two cans of coca - cola are being held by someone's hands with the caption breaking the rules for love
Love Cans - Coca-Cola | Our Work | Ogilvy
a person holding up a cell phone with an image of their eyes and the text flash photo projects
Flash Photo Posters | Wunderman | Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) | D&AD Awards 2015 Pencil Winner | Service Innovations
플래시 사진 포스터
a bottle of water with an app on the side next to it and various icons
CP+B Brasil cria edição limitada de Cîroc
an advertisement for a book with blue ribbon around it and two books in the middle
a person holding a cell phone in front of a screen with an image of a man on it
an advertisement for the movie's upcoming film, in which she is wearing a red dress