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Finally! A diagram that matches 'butt' size with back seam slope.

Summer 2017 piece seasonal sew along) (May - July)Finally! A diagram that matches 'butt' size with back seam slope.

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Measurements for fitting Pants (Trousers). From: New Mexico State University aces. for fitting pants.

#11) Waist alteration: Instead of just adding/subtracting at the side seams, which is what I had been doing previously, the proper way to add or take away inches at the waist circumference is to make a diagonal slash from the waist down to the side seam, then use that as the hinge point to spread or overlap the appropriate amount.

Cation Designs: Pants Pattern Alterations - do the reverse for the smaller waist I need to fit with the hip measurement I need!

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Pants Flat Seat Alteration (Burda) Sewing Tip. Common sewing tips and sewing techniques that are useful when working on sewing projects.

Detalhes e design de calças

Detalhes e design de calças

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Illustrazione raffigurante modello alterazione di pantaloni per oscillare indietro

Illustration depicting pattern alteration of pants for sway back This is a fab resource for all sorts of fitting issues.