Zofia Konieczna: I think this is a really good way to shock people into stopping buying fur products, because most don't think about the whole process just the end product they receive. It's so sad to see helpless animals suffer for fashion snobs. I think the peta logo could be slightly bigger, however overall I think this is a really effective poster, it's certainly changed my opinion on fur. ____________________________ peta.org

Here's the rest of your fur coat! Animals should be able to keep their fur. It does not belong to humanity. Millions of animals live and die horribly for the vanity that is fur clothes and trim. Let's make this the generation that ends the fur trade.

Zofia Konieczna: A PETA clip revealing China's shocking fur industry, showing consumers the truth behind it. I'm glad PETA are trying to show people what really happens through the use of graphic clips, however some people have commented that it's much to take in, and some have even claimed to be left disturbed from watching it.

Warning: Graphic Footage A damning look at fur farms in China where animals including cats and dogs are skinned alive for their fur.

Zofia Konieczna: According to PETA, a third of wool, removed from sheep farmed in the UK, is labelled as ‘skin wool’, a grim name for wool which is torn from slaughtered lambs’ bodies. I wrote about wool being an ethical material in my other board, however there are also violent and terrifying processes in which wool is extracted from the sheep.  ____________________________ http://blog.peta.org.uk/2013/10/hard-facts-about-a-woolly-industry/

16 Things You Need to Know Before Buying That Sweater peta living/fashion/shocking-wool-facts/

Zofia Konieczna: The Humane Society report uncovered that high fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, has used dog fur for some of his garments, and claimed them to be faux fur products. Test results conducted by the society claimed that as stated on the labels, the 'faux fur' garments sold by the retailer were in fact made with the fur of cuddly Chinese raccoon dogs, a breed that’s often skinned alive for its soft coat.

Designer Marc Jacobs, a noted dog owner himself, has used canine fur in his garmets, according to a Humane Society investigation.

Zofia Konieczna: Lucy Watson, star of Made in Chelsea, is the newest English celebrity to take part in the 'I'd rather go naked' campaign. I think it's much more tasteful than some of the other, more provocative, PETA campaign shots as it displays Watson in a more glamorous than trashy way.  _____________________________ 'We Love Lucy', Jan 2014, http://blog.peta.org.uk/2014/01/we-love-lucy/

Freya Walker: Style icon Lucy Watson stands up against FUR by posing nude on a billboard for a PETAS latest AD. Hopefully this will create awareness and she would have a positive influence on her fans