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a large white house with two windows on the front and one in the back that is lit up at night
“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown” - Norman Foster 📸: @lukerphotography #achristopherhome
a large white house sitting on the side of a road
1950s Ranch House Raising Money to Fight Pediatric Cancer
a large brick house with lots of windows and grass in front of the entrance to it
Arrive — Dixon/Kirby
Arrive — Dixon/Kirby
a large house that is in the middle of some trees and grass with lights on
a large house with two garages in front of it
Homes | TEA2 Architects
Homes | TEA2 Architects
an artist's rendering of a stone house with ivy growing on the walls and windows
🌟 Zoom for Style: Instant Home Glitz home garden home home decor wallpaper home decor
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a stone house with black windows and green plants on the front lawn, surrounded by greenery
"Tiny House Charm: Creative Exteriors for Compact Living" "Luxury Living: Extravagant Exterior Home
a large house in the woods with lots of trees and bushes around it's front entrance
3+ Dark Green Exterior House Color Ideas for a Nature-Inspired Home • 333+ Art Images
an outdoor dining area with black and white checkerboard flooring, chandelier, table set for four
Gothic Lifestyle
Gothic Lifestyle
Floor to ceiling windows on a gorgeous Gothic house. Houses, Ceiling Windows, Dark Home, Dark Home Decor, Gothic Homes, Gothic House
Gothic Windows
Floor to ceiling windows on a gorgeous Gothic house.