ИНФОГРАФИКА: 60 маленьких шагов к улучшению жизни за 100 дней

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Back to the Future / The Time Machine

Justin Van Genderen is back on Geek-Art after his awesome Star Wars planets series, that you can find here. He worked this time on legendary cars, such as Doc Brown’s Delorean, Michael Knight…

Back to the Future

Excessively Minimalist Movie Posters

Dramatic Portraits of Iconic Superhero Cars - Delorean Time Machine Back to the Future

Men’s modern hair styles, 1950s

Modern Hair Styling for Men, c. - "If your hair is wrong, your entire life is wrong." So it's men?

Cool Redux by Giulio Rossi

InPrint Magazine Issue 15 Giulio Rossi (Cover) Leetal Elmaleh, Gabriel Markes, Espana Garcia, Crystal Powell, Rudy Calheiros and much more.