Соnstаnzа Shаrоndа

Соnstаnzа Shаrоndа

There are shit-ton of wooomen arooound you that wannaa fuccckk!! Doubt?!. Register and seee for yourself!!
Соnstаnzа Shаrоndа
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There’s no heat involved in this one, just an overnight cure and then air-drying– and this duck ham only takes a week from start to finish! So if you would like to try making your own cured meats …

How to Paint Upholstery: 1 quart latex paint (semi-gloss used here) bottles of fabric/textile medium (Delta brand used here) Spray bottle with water Stiff bristle brush or foam brush Sand paper grit)

March (More) Fan taken photos of Justin performing in Oakland, CA.

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