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Oh yes I know this one is buried on this board...but it really is my favorite Johnlock pic makes me giggle stupidly every time tumblr_lvis2rJxnQ1r3b9i7o1_1280.png (707×1000)

I do not ship Johnlock but this picture tells it how i think it is.sherlock doesn't like sharing his friend john with's his one and only best friend forever

I kindof do kindof don't ship Johnlock. I think they should be together but not in a lovey-dovey sort of way. GO JOHNLOCK

Wait - Before you go out.. by blargberries on deviantART

- This was done because I had a lot of feels and I needed a cheer-me-up - So I did a Post-Reichenbach scene where Sherlock is all, 'going out for a sec . Wait - Before you go out.


Some times i think i ship them too hard. Today my history teacher said we were going to discuss John Locke, and i started fangirling out loud, until i realized he did not mean johnlock Me and Jenna lol


most of the time I'm super into johnlock but sometimes I just can't beleive it, but I do like to ship it

SH: Smiling... or something like that by on @deviantART

Okay first: Yeah I didn't use my OC's cause I wanted to use Holmes characters. YEAH I mix three different Holmes series. There isn't all questions what were in orginal meme 'cause I wa.

Sherlock and Watson - alternate age

I love Kidlock so much <--Can we take a moment to appreciate that adult John caught a falling young Sherlock?