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24 hours diet - workout plan that will build full-body strength, set fire to calories, and no gym or equipment needed to be fit. - Now you can lose weight in 24 hours! The E-Factor Diet

Bodyweight Core Killer

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30 Minute Cardio

Quickly transform your upper body with this 30 minute cardio routine for women. A dumbbell workout to tone and tighten your arms, chest, back and shoulders.


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Tone Your Butt With Plank Booty Leg Lifts: If youre looking to tone up your rear, but youre tired of doing squats, heres a great exercise that targets your booty and the back of your thighs beautifully. Grab an exercise ball and give this a try.

Блог о самом интересном, позитивном, добром и конечно о животных!

Блог о самом интересном, позитивном, добром и конечно о животных!

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