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Espace Monestie / PPA

Espace Monestie / PPA

Built by PPA in Plaisance-du-Touch, France with date Images by Philippe Ruault. It is located in the town of Plaisance du Touch in the west of Toul.

Arts and Creativity Platform by Pitágoras Arquitectos. Clean lobby space.

Plataforma des Artes was built for cultural purposes in Guimaraes city –European capital of culture LINA luminaires

Sedum green roofing

Sedum is an ideal material for an eco-friendly roof that looks good, insulates and reduces water run-off. Green roofs, or living roofs, using our sedum plants are the future of eco-friendly homes.

MobiRoof sedum cassettes, ideal as a green roof

MobiRoof sedum cassettes, ideal as a green roof

Gardens between the branching wings of this Beijing school extend over mounds containing subterranean spaces including a swimming pool and auditorium