Soviet patriotic poster. This image is so simple, and yet so powerful.

A Soviet Era Russian anti-war poster. Probably it was done before Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact, when Soviet planned to dismember Poland and leave half of the country to the Nazis.


This 1941 Soviet war poster by Victor Ivanov reads "For the Motherland, For Honor, For Victory!

Rainbow fishy

Wonderful idea to do with animals, because they tend to have a lot of natural texture why not substitute it with more modern or abstract texture.

"Glory to liberators of the Ukraine! Death to German occupants!" Soviet WWII poster.

Soviet poster WW II"Glory to liberators of the Ukraine! Death to German occupants!

Glory to the Soviet troops! Hoisted the banner of victory over Berlin.

in the poster caption: Glory to the Soviet forces, raised the banner of victory over Berlin!

Soviet Poster.

FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery has recently acquired a limited number of interesting Soviet vintage propaganda posters, covering a vari.