A sliding wood door defines this modern bathroom, while hidden lighting has been used in the floor, creating a soft glow and lighting up the mostly dark room. The white tiles help to reflect the light throughout the space.

This Apartment's Palette Is Full Of Greys, Black, And Wood

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Небольшой, но стильный лофт в центре Киева (40 кв. м

kitchen island / Contemporary 40 square meter 430 square feet Apartment 17 - love that chunk of island, contrasts well with black flooring and all the lighting up top really throws shadows on the brick wall - TV

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Maybe the wood planks i have could be used this way. modern bathroom by NIMMO American Studio For Progressive Architecture, a pallet wood sliding barn style door.

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Brilliant Way To Arrange a Small Apartment Design Using Wooden and Plant Decoration Looks So Trendy

Проект интерьера таунхауса «А-ля лофт». Abitant Москва

Проект интерьера таунхауса «А-ля лофт». Abitant Москва