Smoke Glass Sliding Door wardrobe - We love this! More

Smoke Glass Sliding Door wardrobe - Logo, The stunning design aspects of this sliding door wardrobe provide the ultimate in sophistication and functionality for modern living.

RÄCKA/HUGAD Triple curtain rod set - IKEA $27.84, blackout curtain, translucent, non translucent

RÄCKA / HUGAD Triple curtain rod combination, silver color

IKEA - RÄCKA / HUGAD, Triple curtain rod combination, You can combine three layers of curtains, both thick and thin, using the triple rod.

Ripple Fold Drapery | Wall Mount

Design a clean and streamlined look with our ripple fold drapery. Choose from a wide variety of custom patterns and fabrics, plus order free swatches today!

For your bedroom window, the best best is to get a double cortain bracket like this one. Put a sheer, white curtain on the inside rod, and a thicker, coloured curtain on the outside. Then, during the day, you can pull back the thick one to let in light, but still have privacy with the sheer one.

Buy Kirsch Pair of Oil Rubbed Bronze Double Brackets from at Bed Bath & Beyond. The Kirsch Decorative Drapery Hardware offers a premium finishing touch to every window.

Wardrobe Custom wardrobe for your bedroom can be anything from modern anti-jump sliding door wardrobe, walk-in clOsets and pole-system closets to swing door wardrobes. Description from I searched for this on

Check Out 35 Modern Wardrobe Furniture Designs. Wardrobe closets are a wonderful addition to any modern and contemporary bedroom or guest room.