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a skeleton girl.mabye she cant fit in since she ahs no skin,ornags or brain like everyone else but manages to dress her self will and take other girls heads,using them as balloons.

Картинки по запросу киты рисунки

Картинки по запросу киты рисунки

Freaky Illustrations21

Beautiful and Freaky Illustrations by Saccstry

A group of girls in Saccstry’s dance class. They are beginners, so lots of bruises from falling :) Here was the sketch! I’ve always wanted to draw 4 girls in one picture, now I finally did it yay! I got kinda lazy towards the end for that reason.

John Kenn Mortensen

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We live on separate worlds, men and women, the separation being our inability to communicate effectively in light of our different perspectives on life.An image is the better quote♥