Васильева Екатерина

Васильева Екатерина

Васильева Екатерина
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No no, that’s a good one xD

That's a first class pun right there. Although, Pidge can't really be a "brother in arms," I mean, she can be a "brother" because she doesn't actually have to be a boy to share a common cause.<<<That sounded like PIdge's peanut conversation with Allura

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Voltron: Legendary Defender /  Big Hero 6 **catnippackets**

Voltron: Legendary Defender / Big Hero 6 **catnippackets** But if Lance is Honey-Lemon, Kieth is GoGo, Hunk is Wasabi, and Pidge is Hiro.then that means Shiro is either Fred, or.