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I painted another Nerf gun to look like a Hyperion weapon from Borderlands. Glow in the dark corrosive effect for good measure.
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Borderlands/Maliwan themed Nerf gun
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Nerf Mods: a Beginner's Guide
HOW TO: Borderlands Painting Tutorial – Cel Shading!
Punished Props
Punished Props
FALLOUT 4 – How to Make a Mini-Nuke with EVA Foam!
Punished Props
Punished Props
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My Nerf Modding Hobby- last years stuff
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How to Make Practically Anything Steampunk Using Rub 'N Buff Metallic Finish Wax
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Steampunk Nerf Rampage by Segerev on DeviantArt
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The Goliathon Steampunk Gun
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IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures
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Doom (2016) Hellshot, Gregor Kopka
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Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
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Concept: Fatty Boom Boom, Bartek Nowak
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Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
Sci-Fi MG, Lennard Claussen
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Shoot'n'Burn Weapanz by TRUEvector on DeviantArt
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Daniel ManD
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What do you say to an ork loota?
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