Небольшой, но стильный лофт в центре Киева (40 кв. м

kitchen island / Contemporary 40 square meter 430 square feet Apartment 17 - love that chunk of island, contrasts well with black flooring and all the lighting up top really throws shadows on the brick wall - TV

Фотография - Спальня, стиль: Лофт, Скандинавский |

Wooden wall and headboard - make from the reclaimed cedar for master room headboard, then leave out wiens cotting in room

Домашний кинозал из паллет

DIY basement movie theater using palettes. This would be a cheaper and easier way to do this. I've always wanted a basement movie theater!

Coolest movie theater at home.

Good use of Pallets! DIY Recycle Pallet Stadium-Style Seating for home theater room. Reclaimed wood shipping pallets create a cozy spot for friends to gather in this home theater. The pallets also serve double-duty holder for DVDs,magazines, and books.

ВИД НА МЕДИАТЕКУ. Кинозал в частном доме. Дизайн проект.

ВИД НА МЕДИАТЕКУ. Кинозал в частном доме. Дизайн проект.