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Tea Spirit Calendar -  Preorder here:

Tea Spirit Calendar - Preorder here…

Если поменять персонажей местами

Если поменять персонажей местами

Часодеи - жизнь кончена

Часодеи - жизнь кончена

Zebrafeet's Art I don't know what they're suppose to be but they remind me of cute dragons

Zebrafeet's Art Cuuuute they're like Charmanders

You can use these postures! But If you use this ref - put the link!!! on my DA or this art! Please. Thanks part01&part02&part03&part05:

Some sketchy copies from one of Kate-FoX's tutorial pieces. Copy's and Studies: Kate-FoX fem body's 4


Female body ref

уроки рисования - Поиск в Google

уроки рисования - Поиск в Google

Gravity Falls, fandom, Bill Cipher, GF Characters humanizatsiya, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines

Sweater town Hat town and the best of them Cape Town xD

| I see this interaction so real… |фэндомы,GF Арт,GF art,Dipper Pines,GF Персонажи,Bill Cipher,хуманизация

Dipper Pines and Humanized Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)


Reep is my all time favorite Narnia character, besides Puddleglum of course.