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ნინო ჩაკვეტაძის (Nino Chakvetadze), "შენთან მინდა" ("I Want to Be with You"). If it weren't for the inviting smile on the girl's face, my heart would break for that sad little puppy.

Watercolor Illustration, Art Illustrations, Georgia, Joy, Glee, Art Drawings

ნინო ჩაკვეტაძის (Nino Chakvetadze), "მე და პაპი-პუპი" ("Me and Papi-pupi")

Joy, Angels, Angel, Glee

Art Dolls, Art Illustrations, Paintings, Artist, Art Gallery, Georgia, Girly Girl, Art Paintings, Painting Art

Russian Painting, Pretty Art, Art Illustrations, Stars, Artist, Abundance, Blessed, Feels, Creative