living terrariums...list of plants to use!

Building terrariums and vivariums for reptiles and amphibians is fun! This article includes information about backgrounds, plants, lighting, and more.

that moss table!!

Kazuyuki Ishihara's moss-covered "secret garden" filled with enchanting botanical arrangements, lush living walls and even a crystal clear waterfall. Called Midori no Tobira (The Green Door in English)

Moss art (art forum at permies)

Living wall bridge (The Pont Max Juvénal) in Aix-en-Provence, France created by Patrick Blanc.

Spot the Penguin: Moss Wall Art

CapitaLand, 6 Battery Road, Rainforest Rhapsody, Singapore garden wall *Patrick Blanc (living wall leading world expert & most famous designer) & his végétal

Spot the Penguin: Moss Wall Art

The brainchild of artist Edina Tokodi, Mosstika challenges traditional notions of graffiti by adding living moss to city walls.