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Лечение прыщей, угревой сыпи, акне Дарсонвалем

Лечение прыщей, угревой сыпи, акне Дарсонвалем

Face Brush HowTo with Arrows and Numbers

Dry brushing your face: Face Brush How To. Use Lighter Strokes than Body Brushing. Because the facial skin is more delicate and thinner, especially under and around the eyes, you should proceed with a light touch. While we use firm strokes on our body fo

You’ve fallen off the wagon and you don’t know how to get back on track? You start every morning with the guilt of what you’re doing, but you don’t have the strength to finally step up and make a chan

15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals - Healthy Habits That Changed My Life - A collection of morning yoga, stretching, exercises, breakfast recipes, morning healthy habits checker and day planner printable - YOU HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT! ❤☀ See The 3 Week Diet

Pasta with Aubergine

Today's ‪ a beautiful and easy pasta recipe with aubergine & tomato sauce finished with ricotta and basil - heavenly. great ‪meat free recipe for dinner this week. Hit the link in my bio for the recipe lovely people xxxx joxxx