Varvara Zadernovskaya

Varvara Zadernovskaya

Varvara Zadernovskaya
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Ernst Keller 1954 Zurich

Keller is famous for his posters for the Kunstgewerbemuseum Zurich, for several charity organizations, for heraldic logos and after his retirement for his work as a sculpture.

Ernst Keller. Verpfuschter Zahn, Verpfuschte Gesundheit, Zahntechniker-Initiative, Nein. 1946

"Botched tooth - botched health" Vote no on the dental technicians referendum, Switzerland, 1945 Ernst Keller

Ernst Keller, 1949

Two mots-images by Jean Alessandrini, thanks to design et typo Combining animals with letters is an old idea, but still as f.

Keller Ernst - Ein schönes Buch 1948

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