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Thorn Moons Regiments: The Sleeters. Inq28. Ironsleet. Mikko

”Forest shakes and branches break. The Green Man is coming! My study of the colours and the mood of Thorn Moons. Heavily influenced by the Ever-inspiring artwork of John Blanche.

Page 1 of 3 - The Alien Wars – on the warpath in M35 - posted in + WORKS IN PROGRESS +: - It is the 35th Millennium - The Imperium is in turmoil. Faith wars with rationality as the Ecclesiarchy and Administratum tussle for power. In disgust, the Ur-council of Nova Terra has led a fifth part of the Imperium into secession, striking out to forge a new destiny of their own. Seers speak hauntingly of the half-remembered terrors of Old Night, as warpstorm activity i...

+ Gather the Host! + + The release of Dark Imperium – or edition – saw me start to plan a new project [ +noospheric inloa.

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Space wolves lone wolf

Page 2 of 3 - Lone Wolf +wip+ - posted in + SPACE WOLVES +: wow. I particularly like the blending on the "brown" wolf.