Lot of the Day: "#Posters from #Russia and the #USSR" #Auction on Saturday 28…

Lot of the Day: "#Posters from #Russia and the #USSR" #Auction on Saturday 28…

"Boys, protect the Motherland! Track the enemies, alert the adults!

Vladimir Kudryashov - We'll destroy the shackles of ruin with the mighty blow of labor, 1921

Steam Locomotive Workers Soviet Vintage Poster is printed with premium inks for brilliant color and then hand-stretched over museum quality stretcher bars.

Growing with an Apple Tree USSR, 1961 - original vintage poster by B. Reshetnikov [Будем с яблокой расти - Станет яблонька цвести. Позапочусь я о ней - Будут яблоки вкусней! We will grow with the apple - The apple tree will blossom. I'll take care of it - apples are delicious!] listed on

vintagepromotions: “ “We will grow with the apple- the apple tree will blossom. I’ll take care of it- apples are delicious!“ Soviet health poster Artwork by B.