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550 Sq. Ft. Prefab Timber Cabin by FabCab

This timber framed cabin has modern lines and an energy-efficient shell. There is 1 bedroom in 550 sq ft. Not a huge fan of the floor plan itself but I love the look on this interior

Tumbleweed Tiny house

Tumbleweed Tiny house - if you put two together you could have a dining room and a living room. The other bathroom could be a laundry room.

Flexible Space, or movable walls, are changing the world of design. For those who live in very small spaces, the flexible walls offer an ideal solution for storage as well as optimal space utilization. Now, IKEA has introduced its own version of the "wall" and they did an outstanding job.

Sliding walls: Suddenly a tiny city apartment, which doesn’t offer an official bedroom, can become a space with these pretty partitions by Ikea. Not only does this mean convenience and privacy for those who …

GREEN PLANS —TINY HOUSE floorplans—tiny modern cottage home plan 480sft plan # 484-4 —

GREEN PLANS —TINY HOUSE floorplans—tiny modern cottage home plan Love the openness of the couch facing out the windows.

v c architect c3 tiny cabin camano 003   C 3 Cabin (And Plans) 480 Sq. Ft. Modern Loft Tiny Home

The cabin is extremely compact, only 352 sq., however inside there’s enough space for an open plan living room with a small kitchen, bathroom, and storage space. A ladder leads up to a sleeping loft above the open living space below.

Somehow the unfinished plywood works in this Topanga Cabin tiny home.

Think your wood paneling is dated? The retro design element is simple and chic. Revamp your wood paneling to create a modern, sleek look for any space. For more design and renovation ideas, go to Domino.