strawberry season

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a piece of cake with strawberries on top
ストロベリーショートケーキ | ホテルニューオータニ(東京)
a packet of strawberry flavored candy on a pink background
メイジ「乙女心をくすぐるキュートなパッケージで登場 「アーモンドチョコレートストロベリーパウチ」をコンビニエ【22/07/26】【明治/meiji】
an advertisement for a strawberry - flavored beverage called basil berry, featuring a cartoon character running through strawberries
Moxie Sozo | Aura Bora Herbal Sparkling Water
an advertisement for krispy kreme's sweet surprise donuts and cupcakes
a poster with some strawberries on it and the words ichigo written in japanese
an advertisement for ice cream with strawberries on it
いちごデザイン/いちごポスター/strawberry design
an advertisement with strawberries and yogurt on the side for can lemoneta by lemonade
two ice cream cones with strawberries in the background and text overlay that reads daiyo soft cream strawberry
【期間限定】MIYASHITA CAFEで春のいちごフェア開催!いちごストロベリーソフトが今年も登場します – Cafe Release ~カフェリリース~
a waffle with strawberries and ice cream on top is featured in this ad
Food Campaigns
strawberries in baskets on a wooden table
a bottle of juice with strawberries in front of it and an advertisement for the same product
Snackez sain ! Goûter les produits Daunature
Daunature confirme sa spécificité (utiliser des produits sains et naturels) et son évolution récente vers les nouvelles tendances snacking grâce à cette communication et à sa nouvelle signature de marque : Snackez sain. Affirmant sa position de pionnier pour répondre aux tendances snacking des produits sains, respectueux, bons et beaux, Daunature développe des packagings à la technique respectueuse de l’environnement. Campagne publicitaire 2013 pour Daunature, (Agence Brandelet & Devineau)
an advertisement for dunkin'donuts with strawberries in the foreground and cake on the background
strawberry pastries on a white plate with flowers and strawberries around the edges, along with text that reads strawberry for you
[소확행 열풍⑤]작은 사치 '디저트' 개발 총력…"9조 시장을 잡아라" - 아시아경제