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Grand Duchess Elizabeth, Grand Duke Serge with Ernest of Hesse, Elizabeth's brother

Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (Ella of Hesse) with husband Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich and brother Grand Duke Ernest of Hesse (Ernie).

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, 1888

finethankyouandyou: Alix of Hesse prepares for her first ball in Arranging her hair is her English nurse, Mrs. Orchard, while her sister Yelizaveta Feodorovna (“Ella”) supervises.

Russia. Maria Romanov, 1910 - ☮k☮ what an amazing image for its time!

Maria Romanov, 1910 Beautiful child and her eyes just say it all!

Grand Duchess Marie, c. 1915. I have never seen this photo before; it's absolutely stunning.

imperial-russia: “ “ Alternative Universe: Diary of General Prince Mikhail Alexeievich Danilov ” April 1921 “I still cannot grasp the reality. A dream came true, yet I still think I am half-dreaming. I expected it to break when her parents.

The high quality of the famous photograph of shaven-head Tatiana and her sister, Grand Duchess Olga

Tatiana & Olga, 1913 - Tatiana is recovering from typhoid, the reason her hair is so short; her hair was cut short during her illness.

Gods and Foolish Grandeur Nicolas II and his wife Alix

Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra were a true royal love story. The young Russian royal and Alix, Princess of Hesse courted for years in opposition to their families, including Queen Victoria.

"Funeral ceremony over the remains of Princess Elizabeth, sister of the Czarina & her maid, in the Russian Church of the Magdalene on the Mt. of Olives. Jan. 30th, 1921" A Grandaughter of Queen Victoria. Ella, as she was known, became a nun & foundress of a Russian orthodox convent, following the assassination of her husband. She was thrown down a mine shaft with other family members, where the Bolshovics then threw grenades. She is now a saint & martyr in the orthodox church.

Funeral ceremony over the remains of Grand Duchess Elizaveta Feodorovna (Ella) and Sister Varvara in the Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem, 30 January 1921

Last known photograph of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, 1917.

Last known photograph of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, 1917 shortly before her murder by communists.