Дизайн кухни, светлая кухня фото, стол-подоконник кухня

Дизайн кухни, светлая кухня фото, стол-подоконник кухня

Фальшивый камин из коробок (Diy) / Детская комната / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Don't have a fireplace in your home? This Cardboard Christmas Fireplace will be a hit with the kids and Santa and add a touch of magic to your Celebrations!

Интерьер в скандинавском стиле

This is a nice-looking living room with smaller rug. Perhaps the key is to frame the rug with sofas / sofa and armchair combo / sofa and the window. And another trick is to fill up the room so the size doesn't look awkward.

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siblings shared bedroom for kids (divide colors with a neutral in the middle) love this idea! Going to use it when the girls start sharing a room so they can both keep their color scheme.paint the floor or find two different rugs?

Tall windows under loft. Made In Persbo: Underbart barnrum

A lovely kid space with a loft! How fun! And I love how bright and open it all is. I've always loved loft spaces