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the head of a mannequin with an earpiece attached to it's side
【中華イヤホン qdc Dmagic 3D レビュー】qdcらしい目鼻立ちの整ったサウンド。うねるようなグルーヴ感に優れ、豊穣さ、優雅さ、そして重厚感を備えた洗練された高級感がある。個人的には少し静寂感が足りない - audio-sound @ hatena
two pieces of glass sitting on top of a pink and purple tablecloth covered floor
two white ceramic pendants with green leaves on them
pair of black earbuds sitting on top of a round box with the words young forever printed on it
two necklaces with flowers on them are shown in front of an advertisement for the jewelry store
two silver earphones are shown side by side with the headset attached to them
【中華イヤホン TFZ No.3 フラッシュレビュー】元気でキレのあるサウンドが楽しいTFZの人気機種 - audio-sound @ hatena
two black heart shaped earphones are attached to each other, with the words'i haudii roxane / maamoo - solar'written below them
two brown and white earbuds sitting next to each other
hunny in-ear.
purple glittered earbuds with the words, i love you and an image of a woman's face on them