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Яна Александрова
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Red, Black and Grey playing cards of art

Playing cards, or 54 little pieces of art?This absolutely desirable deck was lovingly created by 36 artists of the Black Rock Collective.A rather crass yet brilliant Australian membe…

(click images to make bigger) Vanity Fair Design Director: Chris Dixon Photography Director: Susan White Art Director: Julie Weiss, Chris Mueller Senior Photo Editors: Sasha Erwitt, Susan Phear Pho…

Breaking Bad: The Cinematography of Michael Slovis - DIY Photography

I love the duality of Breaking Bad. Each of Walter White's adversaries are taken out, and Walt takes on a piece of their personality.

Film Noir Photos 2007 Vanity Fair: Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Tobey Maguire | Annie Leibovitz

Vanity Fair’s ‘Killers Kill, Dead Men Die’ Hollywood Portfolio, March by Annie Leibovitz - Bruce Willis as private eye Oscar Slade, Ben Affleck as his junior partner Dan O'Bannian, and Tobey.