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Yuliya Dzyublyuk

Yuliya Dzyublyuk
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Wedge-tailed Eagle by Christopher Pope

'Wedge-tailed Eagle' by Christopher Pope. Acrylic painting by Christopher Pope


Only with a pencil, ruler and protractor, without the help of a computer, Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo creates complex fields of three dimensional space where butterflies come to life and shells rise from mathematical spirals.

Tiffany diamonds are properly proportioned and cut to achieve the ideal balance of brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. << ]whatevs pinning to draw later

Character Sketch / Drawing

"I'm so good at hiding my feelings that sometimes I, myself; think that I moved on, then one of these days I wake up at in the morning, with burning lungs and the embers refuse to fade" _The girl from the other side of the ocean

111112 by corviday.deviantart.com on @deviantART

pfft that title Just a small wip I'm working on now that I plan to decorate my wall with. Doubles as practice too, since I'm not that great with markers yet. fun to use though Scrapping this if .