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Set the mood for your rituals, spells and ceremonies with this chalice, which has been sculpted to display the majestic head of a dragon in a fashion befitting medieval fantasy art.

Brewer's vat of Queen Mother Ankhenes-Pepi, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, reign of Pepi II, 2246–2152 B.C.E. Saqqara. Egyptian Alabaster

Brewer's vat of Queen Mother Ankhenes-Pepi Period: Old Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 6 Reign: reign of Pepi II Date: ca. includes the Serapeum, South Saqqara probably Medium: Egyptian Alabaster

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Christine Elfman - Cabinet Cards / Storydress II: "A series of photographs of a life-size paper mache and plaster sculpture. The dress is made of paper mache stories that I recorded of my great-grandmother’s autobiographical reminiscences.