по ту сторону изгороди😍😍😍

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two young men are holding flowers in their hands and one is handing them something to the other
by mon-petit-chaton part 1
two people sitting next to each other with the words visible in front of their faces
Wirt x Dipper
some people are talking to each other
a drawing of a boy with his hand up in front of him
two young men sitting at a table with speech bubbles above them that say yeah his name is urt nice to meet you
some comics are being used to describe what is going on in the cartoon, and it looks
two cartoon characters sitting at a table with one holding his head in the other's hand
W: Fine. D: R-really? You’ll really—! W: *grabs his shirt collar and pulls him towards him* I will tutor you for one year, and one year only. I teach you, and you stay out of my life for the rest of my years at this school. Once June is here, you are on your own. Capiche, Junior? D: Yesyesyes! W: *releases him* Fine. We’ll start tomorrow evening after classes end. D: WHOOHOOOO! AHRIGHT, AHRIGHT, AHRIGHT!!, (Dipper, Wirt, Hogwarts, Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall, Done by KIKi KIT)
two people hugging each other while standing next to each other
two cartoon characters hugging each other