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The Winter Bowl is hand-thrown in various stoneware-clays and dipped in a wide range of glazes. It's a beautiful vessel for soups, tea or yogurt. Based on the c
Sarah Hudson and Pennie Elliott, A Quiet Conversation Necklace Series; porcelain pigment, fine silver, gold plating silk thread Photo: courtesy artist The Itami Prize 2011 Museum of Arts & Crafts, Japan
SIN Medium Coil Prong Fruit Bowl (Matte Black)
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The seller's description: "We often have to think about where to put a cup after washing it. If we let it stand upright, dusts will pile up inside. If we stand it upside down, the mouth of the cup would be contaminated. MUG-ZERO easily solves such problem." from Withwill, Melbourne
I love this simple line thing. Could easily do with the cobalt and a very thin brush, though the bottom is going to look clunky no matter what.
hopeless ceramix
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