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Shannon O’Hare of Vallejo, Calif., took the frame of a fifth-wheel camping trailer and built a three-story Victorian mansion on top. The powertrain for the motorhome is from an forklift.

Burning Man 2010 by Hector Santizo, via Behance

Burning Man is an annual event that takes place in Black Rock, two and a half hours away from Reno Nevada. People describe the Burning Man event as a self-expressive and a self-reliance community.

" Talking to God is like talking to a friend on the telephone...We may not see Him on the other end but we know He is listening." - unknown

Praying to God is NOT like a one-way telephone conversation. If we STUDY and OBEY His word, the Holy Spirit brings to mind the answers we need. We have a DYNAMIC and VIBRANT relationship with Jesus.

The 2016 Burning Man festival has come to a close, and its 70,000 attendees have dusted themselves off from Nevada’s Black Rock Desert and gone home. They’ve undoubtedly left more inspired as the week-long event celebrated incredible works of art and fostered a sense of community among all who arrived. Many use Burning Man as an excuse to technologically disconnect from everyday life and enjoy being in the moment. Although we got an early peek at some of the impressive, Renaissance-inspired…

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