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𝗦𝘂𝗸𝘂𝗻𝗮 (𝘑𝘑𝘒) || 𝖢𝗁𝖺𝗉𝗍𝖾𝗋 𔓕 — 𝟮𝟱𝟰 || Icon made by @ennvky ᪲᪲᪲ #jjk

Sukuna ryomen

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@ kMSKc_F #getosuguru #geto #jjk #jjkfanart #jujutsukaisen

Geto suguru 🐉

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▻ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
 ❱ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen

Yuuji fam ❤️

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虎宿 👅チャンの気持ち良さそうな顔が嫌いな🐯クン😞 | つるこ さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)

Yuuji x All

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【めぐゆじ】距離の近い同級生(1/2) ※再掲 | はらき さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)


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せくしぃさんきゅ〜/ ジュセン. ショタ🐯 | ムラ さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)


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Sukuita 😈

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three anime characters with different hair styles and clothes, one is wearing a scarf while the other
˙⊹ ੈ✰┆𝒚𝒖𝒕𝒂 𝒐𝒌𝒌𝒐𝒕𝒔𝒖
two young men sitting next to each other with their hands on their hipss and one holding a cell phone
∿ ₊˚୨୧
toji fushiguro & sukuna ryomen
an image of two comics with people talking to each other
SatoSugu | @capricialo • tw ☆
❱ + BabyGumi ❥ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
an anime scene with two people hugging each other
虎宿 👅チャンの気持ち良さそうな顔が嫌いな🐯クン😞 | つるこ さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)
虎宿 👅チャンの気持ち良さそうな顔が嫌いな🐯クン😞 | つるこ さんのマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)
two anime characters standing next to each other in front of cherry blossom trees with the sun shining on them
SΚΙT (@ahumnouta) on X