Tim Yamaletdinov

Tim Yamaletdinov

Tim Yamaletdinov
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DIY Pergola Retractable roof shade Slide the roof closed to create a shady retreat; open it to let in the sun or gaze at the stars.

DIY Pergola Retractable roof shade This would work well with a clear corrugated patio cover. Pull for shade in the summer or middle of the day.

Homebrew Dimple Dies - JeepForum.com

Homemade dimple dies improvised by welding a bolt to a round stock base. Built-up weld bead was chamfered to 45 degrees on a lathe to suit mating female washers. Set consists of

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these flat recess dimple dies are printed out of solid steel. The inner diameter is and the depth of the step is These have threads so they can be used with our hydraulic installation tool. They can also be installed with a hydraulic press.

Heart-shaped page marker origam will make for valentine day since we don't really celebrate at school.

Origami is a little tricky for them because they don't have the dexterity, but with a little help they made origami bookmarks and christmas trees as an activity. They had fun with it. Folded Paper Heart Book Page Marker – DIY

guru meets devotee / saltandpepper123: "You Blew Me Away" escultura de Penny Hardy

You Blew Me Away, sculpture by British artist Penny Hardy I think this is very interesting and cool, I could stare at this for hours on end daily and foind new interesting things in it.