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dropboxofcuriosities: “A car of totally new design, the automodul, driven by its designer J. Ponthieu, at the opening of the first Racing Car and Cycle show in Paris, ” .

The Flathead Ford V-8 Powered 1936 Arrowhead Three-Wheeled Teardrop Car

The Flathead Ford Powered 1936 Arrowhead Three-Wheeled Teardrop Car, Time Machine and Precursor of the Yellow Circled "Smiley Face.

1937 Zeppelin Roadliner (scheduled via

It’s hard to believe that this stylish motorhome was built in Dubbed the Zeppelin by its current owner, famed customizer Art Himsl, the Zeppelin started out its life as a prototype house car built by a mechanic at the Chris-

1950 - GM Cars of Tomorrow?  gotta say -- the robot's kind of creepy.

Ferrari vs Lamborghini - The Ultimate Alfa Romero B. Concept Cars GM Cars of Tomorrow Lexus LFA Specs - Luxury Sports Car Insurance for .

of Mexico's criminal cartels continues, as authorities have seized an increasing number of home-built -- and sophisticated -- armored vehicles.