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The anti-detox diet: Classic oatmeal  http://www.vox.com/a/new-years-diet/day-one#day-one-Breakfast

Day One - The anti-detox diet: Oatmeal and cottage cheese Curry tuna salad Butter basil chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts

The original playstation. Magical!

I remember the camping trips we took when the kids were little. They didn't even have gameboy then. Teach children how to find peace and connection in nature.


The 13 MovNat Movement Skills© If you’re wondering what moving naturally means for human beings, think of human species-specific movement aptitudes. Visualize how the human animal would move in nature for his survival – that is natural human movement.

Combo Workout - Intermediate Level Vol 2. | By MovNat

Combo Workout - Intermediate Level Vol