Alexander Trifonov

Alexander Trifonov

Alexander Trifonov
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Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Black & White Pictures of Contorted Human Forms by Lovis Ostenrik

German photographer Lovis Ostenrik demonstrates that the nude body remains the most powerful, beautiful and thought-provoking sculpture in the world.

Little Galaxies in Glass Spheres by Satoshi Tomizu

Glass artist Satoshi Tomizu creates small glass spheres that seem to hold entire solar systems and galaxies. Planets created of opals, flecks of real gold and trails of colored glass appear to spin and loop

Hyperrealistic Eyes Paintings

Paintings by Ontario-based artist Kit King who often collaborates with her husband Oda. Take a look at more of their collaborative work below. Kit King’s Website Oda & King Website via Hi-Fructose

Rooms Project by Scott Teplin

Artist Scott Teplin enjoys the minutiae, which is a good thing considering his intensely-detailed stacked room drawings require a dedicated curiosity to create, as well as to enjoy.