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some seashells and a lit candle on a gray surface with a heart in the middle
Seashell Tealight Candles Sea Lover Shell Candles Spa Gift Real Seashell Gift for Her Home Décor Wedding Favor Mother's Day Mom Gift Teacher
Real seashell tealight candles ~ Perfect gift for a lover of the sea, ocean, and water-decorative and beautiful spa gift-conch --$35 and above Free Shipping-- Seashell tealights are decorative and beautiful to look at- Everyone enjoys the company of a beautiful candle I have found that it is best to position them in the sand, tea light container, or among other shells in a level position. This allows the wax to stay inside the shell when melted and not drip out. A trick I learned is to keep them
three seashells sitting on top of a wicker basket with one shell cut in half
Tonna Shell Coconut + Vanilla Candle - Small
Small Tonna shell soy wax candle in coconut + vanilla Handmade in Noosa, QLD, from natural wax and sustainably sourced sea shells. Warning: Keep candles supported when lit. It is recommended to place on a bed of sand to keep candle level & stabilized. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Handle with care as shell & wax may become hot. Size approx. 11 x 9 x 8cm 26 hour burn time
Odore di mare: candele fai-da-te
Per rendere l'atmosfera in casa tua più calorosa e accogliente, decora i tuoi spazi con composizioni di candele! Fatte in casa, decorate o galleggianti scopri tutti i nostri consigli! //Arredamento casa interni design candele fai da te senza cera composizioni decorate di natale fatte a mano galleggianti autunnali profumate avvento magia delle porta accese personalizzate vecchie centrotavola illuminazione luci #Westwing #casa #candele #faidate #senzacera
two seashells are sitting on a table
Eye Candy at the Antique Fairs
beaded shells on stands
three glass vases filled with sand and sea shells sitting on top of a table
Идеи подарков ручной работы, рукоделие's articles
Идеи подарков ручной работы, рукоделие
several seashells are arranged on a wooden surface
three seashells with candles in them on a table
Когда горит свеча — уютно!: Идеи и вдохновение в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
a white candle sitting inside of a shell
Shop Clam Shell Candles Hand Collected with Essential Oil