how to make your own galaxy shirt

DIY Clothing & Tutorials DIY galaxy shirt- splash/spray with bleach, tie-dye red, bleach again, paint/sponge on red/blue dye/paint and finish with white fabric paint stars flicked on…. If only it would actually look like that when I finish -Read More –

Muñeco de navidad con calcetín -

Muñeco de navidad con calcetín

МК по технике ПАПЬЕ-МАШЕ.


Cuddle and Watch Star Wars Shirt: Star Wars Mens T-shirt

Cuddle and Watch Star Wars Shirt

In any galaxy, Star Wars is one of the greatest film franchises of all time. The best way to watch a Star Wars marathon is by cuddling with a fellow fan. This shirt reads Let's Cuddle And Watch Star Wars


Darth Vader and Storm Trooper matching DIY tshirts. This would make a great gift for any Star Wars couple or even if only one of you is a fan, haha.



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Doctor Who Custom Converse Painted Shoes / Tardis Shoes - Unique Birthday Gift or Christmas Gift, Doctor Who Shoes for Fandoms / Shoes for Whovian Time Lords

Doctor Who Converse Shoes - best shoes for Whovians ! Our doctor who converse shoes are sure to attrack some attention - Hand Painted by Blinglogo

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