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an unmade bed sitting next to a window
This Ivy House
a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a vase and other items
there are many framed pictures on the wall
a room with candles, pictures and other items on the wall next to each other
a table topped with pictures and candles on top of a white countertop next to a candle
a white sink sitting under a mirror in a bathroom
an unmade bed with candles and flowers on it
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an old desk with many papers on it
A cozy bedroom with an antique wooden bedframe topped with a vintage cream blanket and a cozy mix of pillows. Above the bed hangs a paper moon and dried flowers as well as old swag lights. To the left of the bed is a pretty vintage lamp on a small table filled with knickknacks and candles. Below, lent against the side are books and an old radio.
cozy whimsical bedroom.