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Yeah, Steve thinks so too.

“ navydream: “ I was under the impression that Tony wasn’t such a babe and I was proven wrong so there… I mend my mistakes. But… I’m married to a mechanic so all I.

So no matter what, I promise you. If you need us – if you need me – I’ll be there. DON'T CALL HIM, TONY!!! You deserve better.

So no matter what, I promise you. (I swear if Tony forgives him and calls him, then Tony Stark is the biggest saint in the MCU.and a better person than any of us.)<<<it will be hard for him to forgive


The Evil Within fan art. It been a while I used deviant art. Hopefully I can do more art to post. I am not sure Joseph Oda


Evil The Within by DerGamerArtist >>> I dunno wtf this is but I relate to it on so, so many levels