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ele-bee aurelie-dupont Agnes Letestu as the first shade in La Bayadere Forever…

Вечерний макияж для карих глаз

Peacock make-up for brown eyes; I don't have brown eyes, but these colors are amazing! I am sure they'll look just as good with Hazel/Green Eyes.

Макияж: Макияж от Линды Халлберг

/Today's Look : "Radioactive" -Linda Hallberg (techni-color palette by Make up Forever greens and blues with yellow hints smokey eye) -- WHY IS SHE SO AWESOME!

девушки, макияж, косметика

GROSS I will never understand woman who contour their faces! If you need to contour your face to hide things or change your apparentce that much.then you ugly Lmao. it's SO MUCH MAKEUP! false advertising much?