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Irish creme liqueur pouring into a glass full of ice.
Kahlua Baileys Armaretto=Tasty
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Christmas Cocktails
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Bourbon Margarita
It’s like a regular margarita, but with a twist because we use bourbon instead of tequila. This mix gives it a smooth, sweet taste with a little bit of citrus kick from the lime. It’s perfect for when you want something refreshing but also with a rich flavor. #bourbonmargarita
the perfect whiskey sour recipe for any type of drink
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8 Sour Cocktails To Drink
Sour never tasted so sweet! 🍋🍹 Explore our selection of the Best Sour Cocktails that pack a punch of tangy flavor and refreshing zest! From classic whiskey sours to inventive twists on margaritas, discover the perfect blend of tart and tantalizing. Shake up your cocktail game and add a zing to your next gathering with these lip-smacking concoctions! #SourCocktails
the perfect whiskey sour recipe 1 simple, tasty and surprisingly healthy cocktails
Easy Whiskey Sour Cocktail Recipe | Inspire • Travel• Eat
two glasses filled with green liquid and gold sprinkles sitting on a table
Lucky Leprechaun Shots
These Lucky Leprechaun Shots start with some whiskey and are the perfect cocktail for St. Patrick's Day!