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Mara Lace Mint Sheer Sleeve Jewel High Couture by Samba Chic

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Thank you for your interest in my shop!  This item is shown as an example of work I do. Usually production takes 5-10 working days. But Ill always do my best to meet your needs. The price is for the item of size 110 - 134. for bigger sizes price is + 20% .  Care Instructions. Hand wash only in cold water.  Price may also be adjusted depending on quantity and quality of used crystals. All your wishes are acceptable. Please feel free to write me and tell what you want and Ill send you a new…

Competition Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard, Roller skating dress, Show dance, Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll, Twirling - SOLD

Anastasia Kudryavtseva's photos

Anastasia Kudryavtseva's photos

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