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an old book with many different types of scissors on it's pages, including one in orange and the other in black
an image of a color wheel with different colors on it and the words zorn falcette
Zorn limited palette: 3 Steps to Learn It's Magic
four different colored circles are shown in this diagram
Introducing New Worlds with a Shrug
the color wheel for william bonqueau's palette
William Bouguereau's Palette
Adventures of the Brush: William Bouguereau's Palette
a poster with different shades of paint on it's side and the words zon palate
Retro, Collage, Color Pallets, Color Themes
color palettes
Resim, Color Inspo, Ilustrasi, Color Combos
Brand Better: 12 modern color palettes to steal — Brand Spanking You
Art Bead Scene Blog: April 2012 Challenge Color Palette Vintage, Colour Tone, Color Patterns, Color Splash
April 2012 Challenge Color Palette
Art Bead Scene Blog: April 2012 Challenge Color Palette
an image of a blue and green wallpaper with leaves on the bottom, in different shades
Colors, Palettes & Hues
an image of a woman with flowers in her hand and the words sw777 high reflective white
I just spotted the perfect colors!