Wonderful Nature

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The Dragon Blood tree of Socotra Island
The tree gets its name from the dark red sap it produces within its umbrella-shaped branches. The red resin, which oozes from cracks in the bark, bares eery resemblance to dragon blood.
The ‘underwater waterfall’ phenomenon at Mauritius Island
The spectacular mirage occurs when the sand and silt sediments on the ocean floor get sucked down under the influence of stronger underwater currents between the opening of the reefs. The scene resembles the flush of a waterfall cascading into a massive underwater pit.
Wolf spider babies
two pictures with mountains in the background and clouds on the ground, one is upside down
Mount Roraima, Venezuela
Explore the wonders of Venezuela's Mount Roraima - the oldest known place on Earth at two billion years old
some very pretty plants in the desert
Puya Raimondii, the flower spike that's "Queen of the Andes"
Puya Raimondii, the flower spike that's "Queen of the Andes" - Discvr.blog
a large cactus plant in the middle of a field with mountains in the back ground
Puya Raimondii, the flower spike that's "Queen of the Andes"
Puya Raimondii, the flower spike that's "Queen of the Andes" - Discvr.blog
Olms, the eyeless baby dragons of Europe
an aerial view of a mountain with snow on the ground and water in the background
Discover the wonder of Onekotan Island
Photo by Instagram/vl_priroda Onekotan is a deserted volcanic island in the northwest Pacific Ocean near the northern end of Russia’s Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk. The archipelago consists of two stratovolcanos at each end, Krenitsyn and Nemo, connected by a flat strip of land. Crater lakes surround both volcanoes.
Working at the ISS
Great video of astronaut working at the international space station -- talk about views!
an orange and black bird with feathers on it's back end, looking to the side
The bearded vulture
This bird of prey is so desperate for bone it’ll fly a dead carcass as high as 500 feet into the sky and release over rocks to break the bones into more edible pieces. The bearded vulture ensures nothing in nature goes to waste. Photos: Richard Bartz
the sky is very cloudy and there are clouds in the distance
Godzilla in the clouds
it's a bird, it's a plane, not it's a cloud in the shape of Godzilla!
a group of people standing next to a large tree
2450 year-old Baobab Tree
For more on Baobab trees, check out the beauty of Madagascar’s giant Baobab trees 📸 Michael Fairchild
The reflective salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
the earth is shown from space with two satellite devices attached to it
New Zealand as seen from the International Space Station
an island in the middle of the ocean
Aogashima Island in Japan is a volcanic phenomenon
It’s known as one of the most intriguing places globally for its unique structure and intense greenery. The island formed out of an active volcano’s crater and currently operates as a giant volcano with a mini volcano inside it.