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Mount Bromo Crater, East Java Indonesia
Mount Bromo is an active volcano located in the Tengger mountain range of East Java, Indonesia. It is also one of the most visited tourist attractions in the rugged Indonesian province.
Earth at night seen from the International Space Station
A view of Earth at night seen from the International Space Station tw/@latestinspace
an island in the middle of water with a church on it's side and trees around it
Bled Island, Slovenia
Bred Island is a small tear-shaped island floating in the middle of Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia. On the island sits Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary, a Baroque church established in 1534.
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This is beautiful: Rainbow Waterfall at Yosemite National Park 🌈💦 #nature #video
a woman in a bathing suit standing on rocks near the ocean and looking out to sea
The hidden beach at Benagil Sea Cave
Hiding under the intricate arches of the grotto is a secret beach with golden, fine sand. The only way to get to the beach is to kayak, paddleboard, or swim. photo: ig/travels.souls
The mind-boggling clifftop Meteora Monasteries, Greece
Gosses Bluff
Explore the incredible crater of Australia’s Gosses Bluff
an aerial view of a mountain with snow on the ground and water in the background
Discover the wonder of Onekotan Island
Photo by Instagram/vl_priroda Onekotan is a deserted volcanic island in the northwest Pacific Ocean near the northern end of Russia’s Kuril Islands chain in the Sea of Okhotsk. The archipelago consists of two stratovolcanos at each end, Krenitsyn and Nemo, connected by a flat strip of land. Crater lakes surround both volcanoes.
an aerial view of a blue pool in the middle of a rocky area surrounded by trees
Meet the Eye of Earth, Croatia’s Cetina Cave Spring
This hidden gem is no easy dive or swim, though, as the water is frigid. Temperatures can go as low as 46.4F even during 95F summers.
The ‘underwater waterfall’ phenomenon at Mauritius Island
The spectacular mirage occurs when the sand and silt sediments on the ocean floor get sucked down under the influence of stronger underwater currents between the opening of the reefs. The scene resembles the flush of a waterfall cascading into a massive underwater pit.
Rainbow Mountain, Peru Peru, Rocky Mountains, Manual, Destinations, Places, Cusco, Rainbow Mountain Cusco, Mountains, Mountain
Peru's Rainbow Mountain
There's a mountain in Peru whose 7 colors make of it one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Talk about bucket list.
a person in a kayak is floating on the water near some rocks and trees
Coron Palawan: The most beautiful island in the world
Photo by tonton_da_great Beautiful white beaches, lagoons, and stunning ecological features, including shallow-water coral reefs and freshwater lakes, Coron Island does look like paradise.
Door to Hell
Soviet engineers set the 230-foot hole on fire while exploring for gas in 1971. They expected the flames to die after a few days, but the opening burned continuously. Geologists set the escaping methane on fire to avoid poisoning nearby villages.
an image of the mountains that look like they have been painted with different colors and shapes
Salt cliff formation, Iran
Photo: tw/HoseinShabani75 Who knew salt could look like beautiful snowcones? Mountains of rainbow-colored rock salt formations dominate the Zagros mountains of Iran.
a man wearing a face mask holding a large bone
Diver finds 900-year-old crusader sword off Israel’s Carmel coast
A scuba diver discovered an ancient sword off Israel’s Carmel coast near the port city of Haifa. The iron sword is thought to have belonged to a crusader knight 900 years ago when the Crusaders were fighting Muslim forces for control over the Holy Land.