Cute Animals

Potoo bird up close
One of the better videos of the Central and South American bird wonder, the Potoo bird. tw/@DrMan_Hat_Tan
The smiling Quokka of Western Australia
Olms, the eyeless baby dragons of Europe
an octopus is shown in black and white
The Octopus: Aliens living on Earth?
All that fur makes the Pallas cat look like an absolute unit
a white and red animal laying on top of a stone floor next to a black wall
Olms, the eyeless baby dragons of Europe
Olms are underwater cave-dwelling salamanders found in Europe. The neatest part about these unique, entirely aquatic amphibians is that they have long bodies, heads, and no eyes, unlike their relatives of axolotls.
a woman is holding a large bat in her hands
Giant crowned flying fox
You’d think that the megabat the hulking size of a 6-year-old kid would be a threat, but it’s harmless — the animal is vegetarian and primarily munches on fruit. For that reason, it is also known as the golden-capped fruit bat. The bats even help spread seeds as pollinators.
a large black object laying on top of a sandy beach
Deep-sea anglerfish washed ashore in California
Deep-sea anglerfish (Ceratiidae) remain one of the most intriguing mysteries of the ocean. Ugly and ghoulish with giant mouths and pointy teeth, only recently has video footage revealed the creature’s unique form of alienesque reproduction. The 3.5-foot females are most famous for their hunting methods, in which they use a fish rod-like appendage (the esca) on top of their heads. The lure is tipped with a luminescent fin ray to attract prey with their light.
an orange and black bird with feathers on it's back end, looking to the side
The bearded vulture
This bird of prey is so desperate for bone it’ll fly a dead carcass as high as 500 feet into the sky and release over rocks to break the bones into more edible pieces. The bearded vulture ensures nothing in nature goes to waste. Photos: Richard Bartz
Float Like a Dragontail Butterfly…
These are 100% real, actual butterflies. The green dragontail butterfly (Lamproptera meges) is one of the smallest species of swallowtail butterfly and one of the very few species with wing transparency. This footage, which was captured in Thailand, is by Kazuo Unno, insect aficionado extraordinaire and wildlife photographer. SEE MORE > #nature #video #science
a white and black bird with orange eyes standing on its legs in the green grass
Gorgeous legs of Secretary bird
Legs for the Secretary bird walks with beauty & grace -- BTW, its snake-stomping legs can deliver up to 43 pounds of force.
an owl with a red bow on its head and the words what'd say to me?
The freaky Potoo bird
The Potoo bird (Ghost bird) from Central and South America can appear freaky. The strange-looking bird possesses a hooked snake-like bill with a massive gape the animal uses to swallow moths and other insects. A nocturnal insectivore, their yellow eyes glow up into massive googly balls at night. Yet, they are unrelated to owls.
Meet the Secretary Bird
Forget the Met Gala, appreciate the beauty & grace of the Secretary Bird instead video: zoophyles
four pictures of a cat walking in the snow near some birch trees and looking for something to eat
Pallas's cat
The cuddle bug of a pallas cat is making his way....
Hamster yawning
After all, it is Monday... video: snow